The Children’s Laughter – A Small Bit of Hope

One time in grade school, I shared an experience to prove a political opinion in class. Later, I got made fun of by my teacher and my peers for having what they referred to as “daddy issues”. But, I don’t think they’d find it funny to watch him break other women like toothpicks in his puppeteer hands, nor when pulling strings with people he should never have gotten tied up with in the first place. I don’t think they’d laugh if they had to experience what it felt like to truly fear someone’s temper, to watch and take the abuse with conformity as the only truce. No. If they lived it, I don’t think they would have found it funny. As much as I wanted to cry from humiliation, instead I smiled. Because I was glad that some people in this unfair, cruel world were fortunate enough to be incapable of empathizing, people who were still fortunate enough to laugh.

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