Life is weird man
it’s not a joke
I had a mini crisis
staring at old folks.
A memory of young me
at a grocery market
with an old man patting
my shoulder at Target.
“Someday, you will be
just as old as me.”
He lifted a finger, an
arrow- it kept shaking.
to point at my 20/20 eyes,
too close, I couldn’t see.
Then he walked away
bones clanking with heavy feet.
While I stared off, mouth salivating
at the sight of the isle with candy.
“Mommy!” I said. “Can I go get a
chocolate bar?”
A smile. Some wrinkles. “Sure, you can
have a treat. But stay close, make sure I
can see you. Life is old, love. But it’s not
old enough for me.”

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