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Savannah Jade
Savannah Jade

Savannah Jade began writing poetry in her early teenage years. Her poems initially served as a mere personal and private outlet for her emotions, but when encountered by two trustworthy individuals, she finally decided to open up and share her work for the first time. After many years of fearing the judgement of her family and peers, she developed the courage to create an account on Instagram where she began sharing her work with the world.

In order to gage her progress and improve her writing, Jade requested that readers leave a flower on works that resonated with them. Much to her astonishment, followers began expressing their support by leaving red rose emojis all over her media profiles. In time, the rose became a personal symbol of growth and strength that eventually evolved to represent connection. As she continues to connect with more and more of her readers, Jade’s words seem to inspire and comfort many others besides herself.

While her fan base increases, Savannah’s passion to continue writing follows. In appreciation of every follower, fan, and friend that supports her with a red rose, she published her first volume of poetry at the age of 17 titled, “Began with a Rose.

Jade now sells her words and artwork on T-shirts, sweaters, notebooks, stickers, and more. A portion of Jade’s profits are being donated to Mental Health America.

Savannah Jade lives in Southern California. She currently attends a local college and enjoys embarking on spontaneous traveling trips in her free time. Within the following years, she plans on selling more merchandise, publishing more poetry volumes, and eventually a series of fictional novels. Her goal is to unite humanity, be an activist for those that are silent, and encourage everyone to find their own voice.

For more information about Savannah Jade, read her interview with VoyageLA here, contact her here, or visit her social media profiles page.