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They say, whoever you think of when you stand in front of the ocean is the one you love. For a week I stood there. The sand reminded me of your skin. The sun, your smile. And the stars, your eyes. For a week I stood in front of all these beaches of different names, but I only read yours on every wave. No matter how far I sunk, or miles I overcame, or how restless I became, I stood in front of the ocean and I could not shake away the thought of you. I’m not sure if that means something is incredibly wrong with me, or something is perfectly right with you.

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“Most crude people will use harsh syllables to punch their prey blind. Hug others with words, remind them that language can also be kind.”
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“He’s a cutter 
carving images 
instead of crying. 
He’s a cutter 
but those knives 
aren’t the reason 
he’s dying.”
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“Every single grain of sand is needed to form an entire beach. Just like every single billion of you is needed to salvage our humanity.”

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“He stayed because of your light,
for you are a thousand suns.
But that is why he left, 
he could not handle 
your fire. 
Do not fret, my dear sunshine.
Another star in this galaxy 
will fall for you. And best of all, 
they will stay, and flare at your 
side until the end of all days.”
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A Friendly Reminder

A friendly reminder: 
What you think versus what someone else believes may not always be the same. There is passion in love just as there is passion in hate. What you choose to act on will reflect back onto you always.
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“Sometimes, people in life will try to falsify your being. They will exploit your insecurities, make your wounds bleed. They will mock your voice until you choose to never speak. They will shut you down in fear you will rise up. They will tell you, that you are not you. As if a bird who can’t fly isn’t a bird. As if an artist without hands to paint isn’t an artist. In that case:
I’m not a writer.
I’m not a girl. 
I’m not a student.
I’m not a sister.
I’m not a daughter.
I am Nobody. 
But nobody deserves to be treated any less than a human.”